Melo’s Moment

by - April 8, 2012 - - 2 Comments »

Also notice Tyson Chandler’s tip-outs.

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  1. Common Anomaly says:

    According to reports, the fate of humanity rested on a regular season NBA game between a team with the 18th best record in the league versus a team with the 19th best record in the league. And I am happy to report that we are not doomed. Humans are spared this time. But what about next time? I believe if the future of mankind is to be decided on a basketball court a second time, I vote that we entrust the Globetrotters, not the Knickerbockers. Now, Sweet Clyde Dixon and I will laugh derisively at Robin Lundberg, a fool of the highest caliber.

  2. Common Anomaly says:

    I am going to assume that Carmelo Anthony is a big fan of professional athlete Ernie McCracken, with his patented extended chicken wing maneuver.

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