Amar’e’s Back

by - April 27, 2012 - - 1 Comment »

Amar’e’s back. Double entendre. Knicks-Heat should be fun. (Only for the Heat if game one is any indication.)

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  1. Justin C says:

    You da man Lundberg! Espn doesn’t know what they have. I honestly feel that there is this weird generational gap between the heads of these organizations (not just espn) and the new generation of listeners. Whether it be fear from advertisers or change itself, they are unwilling to evolve sports talk radio(remove this part, but i hope you see it). Anyways.. ever since you’ve been on the air droppin those nasty 1 liners and those videos you’ve posted with Louie, I’ve been hooked. You’ll be running shit in no time, keep spittin that fire!

    Justin C

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