Ring James

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LeBron James’ quest for a ring ended a bit ironically. He didn’t have to demand shots like many have begged for him to do. He didn’t even really have to show up in the fourth quarter. That’s because his overall dominance was enough to put the game away far before the waning seconds. A fitting end to a spectacular postseason.

The narrative said LeBron shrinks in the moment. Instead, he rose to the occasion. Every time. Down 2-1 against Indiana, video game numbers. Facing elimination on the road against the Celtics, a scoring barrage. And upon returning to the NBA Finals, the source of his greatest failures, he responded with his greatest triumph.

Essentially serving as the Heat’s inside presence and point guard (while checking every position on the opposing squad), LeBron James proved that no other basketball player belongs in the same breath. And his infamous decision was validated because the leader of the Heatles did it with a little help from his friends. (Or his sidekicks, the term so erroneously used to describe James after his arrival in South Beach.)

Dwyane Wade was occasionally brilliant and a constant superstar presence. Chris Bosh proved how under appreciated he is (Miami only lost two games in which he played significant minutes). And the oft criticized role players did plenty to supplement the “Big Three”. There was also redemption for the unfairly ridiculed Erik Spoelstra, who ensured Pat Riley will remain his boss and not his replacement.

However, at the end of the day (at the end of the day, at the end of the day is the most overused phrase at the end of the day), this is and was always about LeBron James. He responded from the lowest moment of his career with one of the finest seasons in NBA history, after which he took his rightful place amongst the pantheon of greatest players ever.

The only question now is how far down that list his talents can take him. No result would surprise me. After all, the pressure’s off now.

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  1. rafdawg says:

    well, he certainly earned it and played out of this world. but no one will ever be able to take away from him the fact that he teamed up with the 2nd best player in the league to get it. just a simple fact.

    …making this a significantly less meaningful title than had he won one in cleveland.

    you can forgive lebron for all the dumb things – the decision, the intro party, bragging about winning 7 rings, etc. but not for teaming up to create a super team.

    i hope people still realize this

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