The Amazing Spiderman Review

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I’ve seen this movie before. Kind of. The topic matter is certainly not original. But I’ve watched plenty of movies and read plenty of comic books multiple times. And while the source material may be the same, the take in The Amazing Spiderman is a fresh one; starting with Peter Parker

Andrew Garfield absolutely nails the essence of the character. I think the reason Spiderman is so popular is because he’s relatable. And in this movie, Peter Parker once again feels like that awkward teenager learning to grow up and dealing with the loss of his uncle while simultaneously attempting to appropriately harness his new found abilities.

In addition, Spidey was always a wisecracker in the comic books, something the Tobey Maguire version of the character never was. He was a little too emo. That always bothered me, which is certainly not the case here. The guy donning the spandex in this version certainly feels like the friendly neighborhood Spiderman I always knew.

There are things to nitpick about the film but the crux of the success of the webslinger has always revolved around how Peter Parker deals with the changing world around him and The Amazing Spiderman handles this great responsibility with great power. I was pleasantly surprised.

(I also found myself wishing I could swing from building to building on my walk home from the theater.)

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