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Christopher Nolan knows how to make a movie, that’s for sure. If he’s at the helm, quality is likely to follow as evidenced by Inception, Batman Begins and The Dark Knight. However, relative to his abilities and track record, the final installment of his Batman trilogy, The Dark Knight Rises, is good but not great.

Like its predecessors the film is beautifully shot. The tone fits right into the universe established previously and there are many dots connected that help to establish a much appreciated continuity. There are also solid performances throughout. Tom Hardy’s Bane is more interesting than I had anticipated (though any villain in the Batman rogue gallery is going to fall short compared to the Joker), Michael Caine is wonderful as Alfred, Joseph Gordon Levitt makes a solid entry into the mythos, Gary Oldman’s Commissioner Gordon is spot on as usual and Anne Hathaway is compelling in the Catwoman role. (My thoughts on Christian Bale carry over from the first two movies. He makes a great Bruce Wayne and a terrible Batman. I just can’t take the voice seriously. If I were a criminal, I’d laugh in Batman’s face as soon as he started talking. Or just ask him to repeat himself over and over.)

All of the above are enough to make a good movie and a fitting end to a trilogy (the end of this one is probably the best part). Still, there are many flaws that have me split on it (like Harvey Dent’s face). Some plot points were a little too confusing and when they weren’t, they were a little too convenient…even for a movie where a guy dresses up like a bat and fights bad guys. Characters seemed to show up exactly where they needed to be when they needed to be with little explanation. Also, many bits of dialogue were cheesier than I can recall any being from the first two installments. Plus, it bothered me that Batman lacked the ingenuity he is famous for in his preparation for the major conflicts, which were a minor letdown action wise.

The Dark Knight Rises is a good movie and solid chapter in a very good trilogy. It just falls short of being the true masterpiece Gotham deserved.

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5 Responses to “Dark Knight Rises Review”

  1. Blessit2009 says:

    So true that Batman sounds absolutely ridiculous when he speaks. I’d rather just read his words in a comic book.
    You’re the man!

  2. Anthony says:

    I think your review is correct. I thought Anne Hathaway is a babe show as catwoman and Joseph Gordon Levitt was very solid in is role. He is a good actor.

  3. Carla says:

    I have to agree with your review, but I always find it amusing when people gush over TDK. that movie was a vehicle for Heath Ledger it seemed, and the fact that he got “so consumed by the role” and died an untimely death, led to the over-hyped reviews and love for that movie. I LOVE Batman Begins. I love watching his metamorphoses and training and coming to terms with the life events that led him on his path to hero-dom. The second installment was fluff, but still a great movie and the last of the trilogy was a brilliant bookend to an amazing writing/directing/producing set of Brothers that poured the heart into recapturing the importance of staying true to a character. I’m now really excited to see What the Nolan brothers influence will be on what I hope will be a successful reboot of Superman.

  4. Lundberg's mom says:

    I just love that cute Joseph Gordon-levitt. I want to adopt him.

    I love you


  5. rafdawg says:

    lund – whats your order of nolans batmans?

    mine goes

    1batman begins
    2dark knight
    3dark knight rises

    mostly cause begins is actually about batman/bruce wayne. the other two became more ensemble

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