NBA Playoffs–First Round Picks

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Today I went outside. It was warm. I then realized the NBA Playoffs were upon us. Only one thought entered my head at that moment…SKIPPETY DOO! Without further ado, my first round picks (I’m so excited that I’m definitely taking too many series to go seven)…

Heat over Bucks in four: Miami has a guy in the midst of possibly the greatest season in NBA history and depending on how things shake out, they could wind up as one of the greatest teams we’ve ever seen. Also, I’m 100% sure they will reach a level above their regular season play in the post season. Something tells me they’ll make quick work of a team six games under .500 that has lost 11 of 15 and remains the most nondescript franchise possible.

Knicks over Celtics in seven: The word I use to describe New York is dangerous. They can bury you under a barrage of shooting. Another thing they are is better than Boston. Every piece of evidence says as much and logic leans toward Knicks in five. However, I’ve sworn off counting the Celtics out as I’m tired of them proving me wrong. I’m not sure what to make of them. I am sure to respect them. Yes, they lost their best player at the point of attack (where the Knicks are most vulnerable defensively) in Rajon Rondo and the natural spacing of Ray Allen but they still have KG, Paul Pierce and Doc Rivers and a history of treating the end of the regular season like a tuneup for the playoffs. They will make the Knicks work for it. (Depending on the health of Tyson Chandler, Kenyon Martin and Pablo Prigioni, they could even win it.) In the end, better team wins.

Pacers over Hawks in six: The runaway favorite to be the series shown on NBA TV and a series that only the kid in that unrealistic commercial who picked to see Atlanta is anticipating. Indiana plays defense better than the Hawks do anything (and better than any team in the league did in the regular season). Still, ATL is a little better than given credit for and Jeff Teague, Al Horford and Josh Smith are a more dynamic offensive combination than Indy has. I expect a tough, competitive series.

Nets over Bulls in seven: One must respect the Bulls hustle. They play hard. They are tough. I don’t believe they have another gear though. And Brooklyn simply has more talent at the top of the roster. Still, Chicago’s D could exploit BK’s sometimes suspect spacing and combined with their overall aggressiveness, they won’t go away easily. However, the Nets will join the Knicks in the second round in what has been a great season for New York basketball. (Derrick Rose is the obvious wild card here but it is difficult for anyone to hit the ground running post ACL return.)

Thunder over Rockets in five: Houston eliminated itself by losing to the Lakers on the last night of the regular season. Their offense can be inconsistent but because of pace and a penchant for shooting threes, they are liable to drop 120 on a team at any time. This might lead to a more competitive series than chalk would indicate. The problem is Oklahoma City can score too and they ran through the league all year. The same thing will eventually happen here. The loss of James Harden could come back to bite the Thunder, just not against him head to head.

San Antonio over Los Angeles in six: I can’t believe this has become a difficult series to pick. But the Spurs are banged up. And they are banged up in the exact areas where they should be able to exploit the Lakers disturbing lack of perimeter athleticism. Meanwhile, Dwight Howard is making his presence felt and Pau Gasol is starting to resemble the guy the U.S. team had to form like Voltron to beat. Tim Duncan is a constant in the middle to deal with those two though, and if Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili are close to 100%, the curse of T-Mac should finally be broken. If not, all bets are off.

Denver over Golden State in five: I already have whiplash from watching these two teams. Steph Curry’s shooting can be awe inspiring but the difference here in my opinion (Redundancy alert: Of course it is my opinion, it is my blog.) is that the Nuggets feast in the paint. And while both teams have tremendous home court advantages, only one’s involves sucking the air out of the opponent’s lungs.

Clippers over Grizzlies in seven: These two teams went seven games last year and both are much better this season. It is seriously a coin flip series. I’ll go with the best player…CP3. Hard hitting analysis.

I will now reserve the rest of this space to commemorate my wife for enduring what is about to come. See you at the end June honey. *Evil laugh*


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