Iron Man 3 Review

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When I attended Marvel’s screening of The Avengers we had to turn in our phones. So as I left to check out Iron Man 3, I decided to leave my phone at home in order to avoid the line to pick it up afterward. This was very difficult for me.

Without my phone I did not feel whole. And then something traumatic happened. I realized I had forgotten the exact street the theater was on. All of the sudden I was up against the clock. If I didn’t make it in time I would miss the movie. But without my phone how was I to find out where to go? I asked pedestrians but even those who knew what I was talking about lacked specificity. I resourcefully tried to put myself in the position of someone pre-smart phones and internet and attempted thumbing through something called a newspaper in order to find the listing. No luck.

It was at this point I dug deep. Luckily I am still in good physical condition so I decided to run for it. Knowing what avenues it was between I covered every block within the rough range of streets I knew it fell within. I made it. I was proud of myself. Without the assistance of my technological crutch, I had proved my mettle.

On a much less trivial level, that is what Iron Man 3 is about. It is character driven. We find out what Tony Stark is made of. We get the answer to the question Captain America asked him regarding his worth sans armor. And the process is a lot of fun.

The other major thing about the movie is it contains legitimate plot twists, one of which might anger comic book nerds. Not me. I realize this is the Marvel cinematic universe (still incredible they were able to realize their ambitions in creating one), not the comic continuity and as long of they are true to spirit of the major characters, I’m good. Iron Man 3 is good as well and serves as a worthy introduction into the next chapter of said universe.

Spoiler alert: Tony Stark is still a G.

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