Block of the Ever?

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  1. Promises Smomises says:

    After the Miami Heat’s victory in Game 4, Robin Lundberg stated the following, “One lesson, do not beat the Miami Heat because if you beat them, they will beat you much worse.”

    ChrisHatesTuna responded with the following tweet, “I hate to nit pick but Miami definitely did not beat the Spurs “much worse” than SA beat Miami in Game 3.”

    The following is Robin Lundberg’s response, “Chris Mitchell, please verify that I’m correct here. I don’t think I said anything close to that. Did I? I don’t recall saying anything near that.”

    Chris Mitchell then put his two cents in, “No. I sometimes kind of wonder where these comments come from. Never said it.”

    Robin Lundberg then continued, “But I don’t think I came anywhere close to that. [Jimmy Hoffa reference while Lundberg is burying himself with these denials.] That’s not what I said. I don’t know what I said, but it definitely wasn’t that. I promise.”

    Let’s count how many times Robin Lundberg refused to admit that he may have stated what he actually did say. Not one, not two, not three, not four, not five, not six, but seven times. Robin Lundberg has repeatedly promised that he admits when he is wrong. Will Robin admit he was wrong after his repeated denials or will he make it much worse?

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