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I went into my experience with Yeezus prepared to hate it. I was ready for it to be his Aldous Snow African Child. The universally panned album. I’m not sure why (Kanye’s track record speaks for itself). Perhaps it was the vibe around the record or maybe people simply wanted him to fail due to his personality. Because it certainly isn’t what I described. I’m just not sure what it is.

My reaction after the first listen was…I’m not sure what I just listened to but I’m pretty sure I liked it. In a way I’m still there. While consistently interesting, it isn’t conventional. The sounds bounce from dancehall trance on the most Kanye track ever I Am A God, to marching rock on the banging Black Skinhead to old school soul on the great closing song Bound 2; oftentimes these combinations happen on the same track. Sometimes different is at the expense of good. This record is both.

One thing is for sure about Yeezus though. It isn’t the album for those looking for Kanye West the MC. While he does make appearances (in typical Ye fashion on the multi layered Blood on the Leaves), this isn’t his attempt to flaunt lyrical prowess. That is to say the content here is mostly empty, until it isn’t. I guess not getting what you expect is a theme.

This review is kind of pointless because despite numerous listens I remain puzzled as to my exact opinion on where Yeezus ranks in the pantheon of Kanye West albums, what score I would give it or even my order of favorite songs. Take from that what you will. However, I do continue to listen. Over and over again (the short running time makes the experience fun rather than pretentious).

I’d bet Kanye would have me sum up my thoughts using a line I first heard him rap on the side of a building. It starts, “You see there’s leaders and there’s followers”…I’ll let you finish the rest.

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