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Imagine the worst thing Wolverine could do to one of his enemies. That is what X-Men Origins: Wolverine did to my childhood. So, with that in mind, I went into The Wolverine nervous. I didn’t want to see my favorite character butchered again. I didn’t want little me’s heart to be sliced in half by adamantium claws.

Thankfully I escaped this film unscathed and came away mostly impressed. And most of all happy. The tone was spot on and despite having played him a ton and still being too tall for the role, Hugh Jackman owned the title part. Even though it strayed from the source material (I get they have to create a cinematic universe, I’m not one of those nerds), the Japan storyline was handled well (as were the roles of Yukio and Mariko).

As I was watching, I kept reassuring myself…they’ve got it…I’m actually seeing a Logan solo adventure properly translated to screen. To be fully honest though, there were some things at the very end I didn’t love (stuff that ventured into “come on man, was that really necessary?” territory). But unlike in the first atrocity it didn’t insult me. They remained true to the spirit of the character. (The credits scene which came right after didn’t hurt either. That excited both young me and adult me simultaneously.)

The Wolverine clearly made an earnest attempt to provide the quintessential portrayal of the character. And for the most part it succeeded, while in the process erasing my memories of its predecessor. Maybe now I too can heal.

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  1. James says:

    Thank you. For you are a braver man than I. Wolverine Origins left such a bitter taste that I refused to watch this one. But, I trust your judgement when it comes to these things because we have similar views in our comic book fandom. Still regret that FOX have the rights to the X-Men and the FF franchises; even worse that Sony has Spider-Man. Marvel Studios have been on Fire since the first Ironman film. Any way, thanks for the review. I’ll definitly check Wolverine out.

    Thanks Bro,

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