NFL–Week 9 Picks

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I hate myself and want to give up (5-8 last week; 55-62-3 on the season)…

Cincinnati (-3) over Miami: Dolphins look terrible and Bengals look great so of course this will be wrong.

Carolina (-7.5) over Atlanta: See above.

Buffalo (+3) over Kansas City: Chiefs first loss?

Dallas (-10.5) over Minnesota: I won’t be as mad as Dez Bryant if this is wrong.

New Orleans (-6) over New York Jets: Tough to pick against Saints after seeing what Dalton did to Jets.

Washington (-2.5) over San Diego: If Washington doesn’t collapse in two consecutive weeks.

Tennessee (-3) over St. Louis: The Rams weren’t good with a mediocre quarterback. They certainly aren’t good with a terrible one.

Oakland (-2.5) over Philadelphia: Don’t trust the Eagles at all until Vick is 100% and trust them very little even then.

Tampa (+16.5) over Seattle: Pride?

Cleveland (+2.5) over Baltimore: These games are always ugly.

New England (-6) over Pittsburgh: Pats at home.

Indianapolis (-2) over Houston: Texans stink.

Chicago (+10.5) over Green Bay: A lot of points.

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