X-Men: Days of Future Past

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When there is a good news, bad news situation, we all seem to want the bad news first. So I’ll start there. Here are the things that bugged me about X-Men: Days of Future Past. It is never explained how older Professor X got back into his body. Yes he transferred his consciousness after being disintegrated in X3 but that shouldn’t make him Patrick Stewart. Also, I’m not exactly sure exactly how Kitty Pryde is able to send one’s consciousness back in time (phasing into their brain and using the help of Xavier?) but it is a nice nod to her pivotal role in the comic version of this story.

That’s it. Everything else is good news. Great news even.

After simply accepting I wouldn’t fully get a thorough explanation for the above and it would be a little rushed to get us into the narrative, I absolutely loved this movie. The script, pacing, acting and effects are all top notch. And adding Wolverine into the young Professor and Magneto relationship really really works.

Despite the number of mutants who appear here, the story really centers around a core group and the actions of one, Mystique, in particular. I love how each character involved is given something important to do and I especially love their interactions. I’ve always felt Wolverine works better in a team dynamic than solo. This is no different, bringing a new energy to Hugh Jackman’s take on the character.

The individual who goes through perhaps the biggest journey here is James McAvoy’s Xavier. The heart of the movie really gets into what makes him who he is and the gray areas within the universe he lives. These issues have always been what makes X-Men and its stories the greatest comic book property ever created.

Then there is Magneto. Michael Fassbender is for lack of a better term, magnetic in the role. I had to restrain myself from audibly cheering his badassery in the theater.

I enjoyed everything about the movie (I haven’t even mentioned Sentinels) more and more the longer it went on (and it flew by). Yet somehow the conclusion matched the epic sense of joy my body was experiencing. The resolution here is both satisfying and open ended, leaving you fulfilled by what can be accomplished in a time travel heavy plot and excited about the future possibilities of the franchise.

X-Men: Days of Future Past is simply awesome. I want to declare it classic (but of course I have to see it again before making any such determinations).

Both thirteen-year-old and thirty-two-year-old me are giddy right now.

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  1. jeremey says:

    ok 1 problem i had with it though – how in the world did they capture Magneto and get him into the cell in the pentagon after he allegedly assassinated JFK? (by the way, not sure if you checked out the viral marketing site thebentbullet.com, but it’s almost even better than the movie. and i loved the movie)

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